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Tactile Hand & Foot Prints


This range of tiles are available either framed or unframed in a choice of colour, size, shape, layout, font colour and frame options.  Enabling you to feel every crinkle and wrinkle of your baby's hands and feet.

Luxury 26.JPG

Luxury Boxes

These beautiful tiles can be circular, square, heart, oval or oblong and can combine one, two, or four prints of your baby/child (depending on size) set in a deep box frame behind glass. 

Prices start from £109.95


Additional Gifts and Keepsakes

At First Touch Tiles we also offer additional gifts and keepsakes for those of you that do not wish to have your children's prints mounted as a tile.   These include: plates, memory boxes, picture frames, door plaques and money boxes.


Colours & Frames

We offer four different pure wood standard frame options which are available across our whole range: light pine, dark wood, ash and ivory.

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Animal Prints

At First Touch Tiles we understand that four-legged friends are also cherished family members so for all pet lovers everywhere we can create keepsakes for dogs, cats, horses etc. that will take pride of place on any wall or even combine your own prints with those of your beloved pet.

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