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Animal Prints

At First Touch Tiles, we understand that 4-legged friends are cherished family members.

For all pet lovers everywhere, we can create keepsakes that will take pride of place on any wall.  We can take prints of cats, dogs, horses, chickens etc.

We offer the same sizes, styles and frames across our whole range. We are simply exchanging hand and foot prints for paws or hooves.

  • Door plaques from £39.95

  • Small framed tiles £49.95

  • Medium framed tiles £59.95

  • Large oblong framed tiles £84.95

  • Extra large oblong framed tiles £99.95

  • Large square tiles £89.95

  • Extra large square tiles from £125.95

  • Luxury boxes from £139.95

  • Bespoke tiles POA

Colour options

How Do We Do A Pet Print?

We gently place the paw into a soft natural clay to capture your furry friends cute ‘pawprint’ forever.


What Options Are There?

  • Single paw prints, double paw prints or all four prints  

  • Framed or unframed, tactile or behind glass                 

  • All available in 6 different colours, the choice is yours!

Please note: our policy on animal prints is subject to certain requirements (muzzles may be required)


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