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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the impressions made from?
A. All of our tiles are made from naturally refined Mineral clay.

Q. How are the impressions taken?
A. Your child's hands / feet are pressed into wet mineral clay.

Q. How long does it take?
A. It only takes a few minutes to take the original impressions and 

approximately 6 – 7 weeks before your finished tile is delivered to you.

Q. Can I choose how many prints I would like to have on my Tile?
A. Yes but this is dependent on the size of your baby's / child’s hands

and feet in relation to the size tile that you have chosen.  You can choose how many prints, which combination of prints, which colour and choice of frame.  Your tile is completely bespoke to your own requirements.

All FTT products are 100% hand made consequently no two products will ever be exactly the same.


Q. Is there an age limit?
A. No not at all, we have taken impressions from 1 hour to 100 years old.


Q. How will I receive my finished products?
A. Your finished product will be sent to you by recorded post or secure courier service in approximately 6–7 weeks once full payment has been received.


Q. Can I have my prints taken at home?
A. Yes, by appointment and subject to an additional charge.


Q. Can I have repeat orders for other family members? (Nanny & Grandad etc)
A. Yes, we guarantee to keep your original mould for 12 months.


Q. I need to receive my finished product in less than 6 weeks. Is this possible?
A. No unfortunately not, all of our tiles are 100% hand crafted, each tile is kiln fired at least 4 times and has to thoroughly dry between each process.


Q. I have just had another baby can you match my existing tile.
A. Where possible we will try to match it, however positioning of the individual prints and writing may vary as all children’s hands and feet vary in width and length.  Therefore layout/size may differ in order to allow the prints to fit.


Q. My finished product is slightly different colour/layout from the sample I looked at. Why?
A. This is because all of our products are 100% hand made.  They are not made by a machine, they are made by real people.  Consequently design layout, glazing colour and writing will vary across each finished product.

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Q. Can you make impressions of my entire family?
A. Yes we can, prints would normally be produced on individual tiles and mounted in a large family frame.  Even the family pet can be included.


Q. I would like to purchase a set of impressions for my friend’s new baby. How can I do this?
A. You can either purchase a gift voucher that you can give to her as a gift, to be redeemed at a later date, or you can arrange a home visit for her (at an additional charge).


Q. Although my two sets of impressions are in the same style frame they look different, why is this?
A. This is because wood is a natural product, therefore the grain and subsequently the colour may vary.

Q. My finished impression looks as though it has lots of small cracks across it – will it break?

A. No it will not break, there is nothing wrong with your tile.  Sometimes we use a clear crackle top glaze if we cannot obtain our usual supply.

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