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About Our Products

We offer two different ranges, the “touchy-feely” tactile ones and a luxury boxed range set down into a deep box frame behind glass.

We offer twelve different colour glazes, four different frame options, two font colours and many different shapes and sizes.

All of our products are available to mix and match across our entire range to suit your taste, décor and budget.

You can choose whichever combination of hands and feet you would like, together with the wording of your choice, to be included on your beautiful, hand-crafted tile.

We can capture your baby’s/child’s hands and feet at any age from just a few hours old up to adulthood.

They really are “caught in a moment, preserved forever…”

Composition of Clay

Our clay is 100% natural mineral clay with no addatives, perfumes, chemicals, alcohol or any other substance. Therefore it is absolutely safe for any age.