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Framed Tactile Hand & Foot Prints

Most of our hand and footprint tiles are presented in a choice of frames, combined with various styles and presentation techniques available which you can view in the gallery below:

Preserve the innocence of your babys hands and feet on a ceramic tile.  Our products are  completely made to your own unique specifications within our range of colours, size and layouts,  hand written with a message of your choice. Capture every crinkle and wrinkle from the day they were born, as they will never be this tiny again.

The ideal gift for Grandparents, Godparents, Aunties, Uncles etc. even the partially sighted can appreciate these as gifts as every finger, toe and wrinkle can be felt.

The different styles and options available include:

  • handprints within a choice of frames
  • footprints within a choice of frames
  • hand and foot print combinations within a choice of frames
  • hand/foot  and photo combinations within a choice of frames
  • Family prints, any combination
  • Animal prints, either on their own or combined with family members

Why should babies have all the fun? Even Mums, Dads or Grandparents can combine their hand or footprints with those of their children or grandchildren: the perfect keepsake once your family is complete. (Available in our tactile range or as a luxury box with a combination of tiles all in the one frame. Price on application.

Our prints are a fantastic way to measure your children’s growth as the years go by. Prices from £49.95.

  • Small Framed Tile £49.95
  • Medium Framed Tile £59.95
  • Large Oblong Framed Tile £84.95
  • Extra Large Oblong Framed Tile from £99.95
  • Large Square Framed Tile £89.95
  • Extra Large Square Framed Tile from £125.95